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“When Oodrive first contacted us, we were using an extranet solution with limited functionalities that prevented us from meeting our deadlines. The iExtranet platform makes us more efficient by allowing us to send our documents and photos to various recipients within hours after a show or event."

Thoai Niradeth, Production & Events Manager at Jean-Paul Gaultier

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NIS Directive: a higher common level...

The different strategies in place at a European level are a good place to start when it comes to raising…
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Chronique des coulisses #startup: retour d'expérience du CEO d'#Oodrive Stanislas de...


EU proposes new measures to protect...

The European Union is seeking to help Member States prevent and respond to cyberattacks more effectively. Its new package of…
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RT @StartOddity: Emblème de réussite de la scène FrenchTech, Oodrive fait partie des meilleurs exemples...


Comment faciliter l'organisation des séances ? La reponses ce matin durant le #CafeCloud...


Infographics – Secure web navigation

IT departments and users want to enjoy flexibility when browsing the web. But how can they guarantee the highest level…
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Infographics – The benefits of going...

Today, solutions exist that can help throughout the life-cycle of these meetings. Ergonomic and intuitive, they facilitate upstream preparation by…
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Oodrive steps up development in Asia...

29 September 2017 Oodrive is stepping up its development in China and offering 100% French services to its international clients…
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